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CC Mehmet Akif

The new cultural centre consists of 2 separate parts. The main building on the street side and a lower part behind it away from the street.

Between the two buildings there is a trapezoid patio. In the building at the Dendermondestraat the visitor will find the following facilities: a cafeteria, several meeting rooms, some classrooms, a library, office rooms, a meeting area and a flat.
There is a place of worship in the lower volume in the inner part of the centre. It is oriented towards Mekka, thus offering special dynamics to this trapezoid patio. Small window openings admit sacral daylight. The place’s roof follows the inclination of the interior and is a reference to the large domes in the more traditional houses of prayer. Its bearing structure is a pentagram with a pentagonal vacant space in the centre.
The pillar structure of the different outer walls and the patio subtly refer to the construction of the traditional houses of prayer. The walls between the white concrete pillars will be tessellated by a modern mosaic artist.

public building

competition 1st prize
status under construction
location Antwerp
surface 2.150 m²
client Cultureel Centrum Mehmet Akif vzw
team Sarai Bervoets, Stéphanie Collier, Evert Crols, Kenny Decommer, Frederik De Smedt, Jean-Yves Dushime, Dirk Engelen, Marta Galiana, Jenne Gits, Stefan Goossens, Sven Grooten, Hans-Christian Karlberg, Ben Six, Nathan Van Esbroeck, Patrick Verhamme
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