The Sugar Refinery Site maintained its mere industrial function until 2005. Now it will transformed into an area with a multi purpose character, including a park, housings and retail shops.

The site’s area bordering the Zuidburgweg, Rodestraat and Brikkerijstraat will be named Suikerpark (Sugar Park). It will consist of about 450 housings, retail shops, a vast town park, a pond for recreational purposes and a lively neighborhood square. Suikerpark is a place for tantalizing mix of living, relaxing and working areas in a unique park environment.

It was paramount not only to give the living and working areas a green character, but also to ensure that flexibility and diversity were offered at an affordable price. This means there will be apartments, terraced houses, living areas for the disabled, co-housings, flexible offices areas and room for liberal professions.

collective housing

competition 1st prize
status in design
location Veurne
client ION
team Evert Crols, Vincent De Keyser, Isaura Doumen, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Olmo Peeters, Pieter Van Den Berge, Evelien van de Riet, Koenraad Janssen
in collaboration with Denc! Studio, A1 Planning, Delva Landscape Architects, CroonenBuro5, Common Ground, Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies