Academie shortlisted for first edition Renaat Braemprijs

(29.01.2024) Some great news to start off 2024: our Heem co-housing project De Academie in Turnhout has been nominated for the first edition of the Renaat Braemprijs. Last week we already announced that Campus Aquafin was shortlisted for the Belgian Building Awards.

The Renaat Braemprijs is a brand new, triennial architectural prize for residential projects in the province of Antwerp that demonstrate the quality and added value of ‘new forms of housing’, a collective term for all the ways in which one can live differently from the traditional housing model - for example, by sharing certain (living) areas or by a different (small-scale) housing type.

De Academie is the result of a redevelopment of the former municipal girls' school in the centre of Turnhout. It became a cohousing project with 14 homes, four studios for assisted independent living and a commercial space. Architecture and garden are designed to provide all residents with sufficient privacy while allowing them to spontaneously meet fellow residents. There is a community centre, a sauna and a shared garden with swimming pool.


There is a public vote linked to the Renaat Braemprijs as well, and for this we count on your contribution. Vote for our project here and send it to the top for the award ceremony. You can cast your vote until 23 May.

Thanks for your contribution!