B-architecten designs renewed Market hall site Overijse

(02.03.2024) B-architecten has won the design competition for the renewal of the Market hall site in Overijse. From five candidates, the professional jury made a unanimous choice for our concept, which aims to transform the Market hall site into a meeting place where crossovers between different users can take place. For this assignment, we join forces with Kollektif landscape and study bureaus Mouton for stability, Sweco for special techniques and sustainability and Daidalos Peutz for acoustics. We presented our winning design proposal to the municipal council committee yesterday evening.

Different functions

Built in 1952 in the centre of Overijse, the Market hall served as a covered market place for many years. Over time, however, the place mainly became an event location. The neighbouring secondary school GITO and primary school GBO also use some of the spaces, but the potential of the Market hall is no longer fully exploited and the building is in need of renovation.

A feasibility study established the needs of schools GITO and GBO. Residents, the centre's village council and several associations were also involved through a participation process. It was our concept that provided the best answer to all the needs of the future users of the Market hall site.

A sustainable new building

Our proposal starts from a sustainable new building with a compact, robust and flexible structure according to the principles of circular construction. The existing school infrastructure can thus be extended according to the 'broad school' principle: various users come together under one roof in an open and accessible building. Not only will there be new classrooms for GITO and GBO, a new multifunctional hall will open for socio-cultural activities and events, and a new youth centre will become the meeting point for young people in the municipality.

Meeting place

The building complex will be connected to the public space. Our proposal aims to develop the open space to the maximum as a shared living area so that it can enhance the green-blue heart of the Station Square activity hub.

The new building volume will be positioned centrally between the GBO and GITO towers. Along these towers, there will be two new public spaces. In front of the GITO tower we will have a public forecourt with an 'open' main entrance to the playground, while in front of the GBO tower a fully-fledged new village square will be created. The existing catering and bus stops, the multipurpose hall and a new entrance in the base of the GBO tower will flank the square. The existing line pattern in the pavement of the Station Square and the grid of trees will be continued to make it feel like one space. The functions (car parking, bicycle storage, etc.) will be kept in the edges to allow the new, open village square to emerge.

Our proposal is committed to maximum greening and softening. Greening both public outdoor spaces, playgrounds and the roof of the new building contributes to the green connection between the northern and southern valley sides. Integrating green and blue outdoor landscaping offers numerous benefits for biodiversity, cooling and stormwater management, among others.

The winning concept is the first step towards an architectural design for the site. Work on the Market hall site will start in 2025 at the earliest.


Our winning design proposal will be exhibited from today at AC De Vuurmolen in Overijse. You can visit the expo until the end of April. Find more info on the future of the Market hall site on this website.