B-architecten welcomes Paola Viganò to give B-café lecture

For our most recent Bcafé, a monthly after work event where we invite guest speakers to give a lecture for all B's, we invited architect, urbanist and professor Paola Viganò. Her lecture was one of many inspiring words.

Viganò's research focuses on the study of new forms of urbanisation and explores the concept of cities as renewable resources. She analyses the concept of the horizontal metropolis as a vision for planetary urbanisation, examines the consequences of a complete abolition of individual cars for urban space and the ecological challenges related to the expansion of urban spaces. Together with Bernardo Secchi, she is known for their concept of the 'diffuse city'.

Her practice is located in both Milan and Brussels. She has done very important work for the urban development of Antwerp: the Theaterplein, Park Spoor Noord, Nieuw-Zuid, the lost competition for the reconstruction of the quays, but also smaller projects such as the Wadi hostel.

Thanks again, Paola!

More info on her work via studiopaolavigano.eu.