Evenepoel - a lost competition

Taking a thorough technical and sustainable approach to social housing, B designed a pilot project for an original and high-quality residential development. The fresh and innovative environment encourages people to live, walk, observe, visit, and treat it with respect, complementing the community atmosphere and green appeal of the new Media Park adjacent.

As with all other projects, the plans were characterised by sustainable integration into the urban fabric, with three challenges being specifically recognised. On the one hand, forging connections between the new Evenepoel buildings and their diverse surroundings; on the other hand, modelling the site regarding water management; and finally, relating the contemporary high-rise to its surroundings with the aim of creating a more human scale.

This threefold ambition was boosted by five concrete lines of intention: slowing down, scaling up, strengthening, greening and ‘blueing’, and twisting. This resulted, for example, in the proposal for an easily accessible and welcoming main entrance featuring a pond that collects rainwater and visually brings sustainability into the foreground. From here, a central axis for circulation defines a promenade that extends through the development into the green forested area.

The 43 new dwellings were accommodated within a high-rise building that watches over the stacked multi-functional programme, where the combination of low and high-rise buildings cleverly bridges the different levels.

Congratulations to the winners Matador and grue. !