François Schuiten speaks at first Bcafé of 2023

On Thursday 2 March, we welcomed none other than François Schuiten to our Bcafé. Schuiten lives and works in Brussels and Paris and his work as a (comic) artist has earned him considerable recognition - just think of his well-known collaboration with Benoit Peeters for the series The Dark Cities. In 2002, he also won the Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême at the Angoulême International Comics Festival for his entire body of work.

During his lecture, Schuiten zoomed in on two projects where he has been able to play a valuable role as an illustrator in the imagining and decision-making process of future urban planning scenarios. First, he highlighted the future of the French town of Meudon, just outside Paris (2022). This is a mystical place with an old hot-air balloon research institute. As a second project, he chose the redevelopment of the industrial site with blast furnaces Belval, Luxembourg (2004). In short: yet another inspiring evening!

François Schuiten also appeared recently in De Standaard with 'De 5 levenslessen'. Read the article here.