Mundo-a as exemplary project in two training courses on sustainable construction

In October, B acted as an expert in two different training programmes on sustainable construction. Subsequently, we each gave a guided tour of the circular office building Mundo-a in Antwerp, which served as an exemplary project for both courses.

Pixii - Material selection training series for building with a positive impact

This training series for architects, designers, contractors, engineers, engineering firms and interested individuals examined material use as a key focus in the transition to a building sector with a positive impact on the planet.

The third module of the training programme looked at wood and other bio-based building materials. The potential of these materials is great from an environmental and economic perspective. These materials are derived from biomass, from living nature such as plants, trees and residues from agriculture or animal husbandry. They can be physically, chemically or biologically treated to be used as building materials. In this regard, wood is one of the most common biobased materials used in construction.

To conclude this module, we gave participants a tour of Mundo-a, where wood and other biobased materials were used.

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Embuild - Learning network: Circular ambitions in construction projects

In addition, Embuild organised the Learning Network: Circular ambitions in construction projects for contractors. One of several sessions looked at how different circular construction strategies can be applied from the design phase, keeping in mind the important role of construction companies and products. It then explored the existing building components and materials you can use in certain strategies.

Based on our experience in circular construction, we acted as speakers here as well and went deeper into which circular design strategies we use at B, with a subsequent visit to our circular project Mundo-a.

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