Mundo-a wins Belgian Building Award

We won! Our project Mundo-a received the Belgian Building Award 2021 in the category Circular Building and we are proud to let you know the news.

The category Circular Building is new this year and as its name suggests, it awards the most circular building project. For the evaluation of this category, the jury considered to what extent circular building principles were applied. The use of circular materials was important in the decision-making, but certainly not the only criterion. Other important aspects were the location of the project, its adaptability, multifunctionality, expandability, modularity and reversibility. Next to that, the jury considered levels of cooperation on the project and whether innovative circular principles such as product as a service were applied in the project. The award was handed out during the opening day of the Green Deal Circulair Bouwen Week.

This year, two prizes were awarded in the category Circular Building: one to Mundo-a and another to LOODS 23 of the Ghent architecture office DENC!-STUDIO. Congrats to our co-winners!

About Mundo-a

Mundo-a is the result of a limited architectural competition, initiated by Mundo-Lab. The task was to design a bio-ecological, passive office building for socially engaged organisations on a complex urban site in Antwerp. The result is an exemplary and thoroughly sustainable building that adds value to its users, to the local residents and the immediate surroundings.

With limited resources, we were able to realise a project with very high ambitions in terms of sustainability. This way, Mundo-a can be a source of inspiration for others to choose pure materials, circular construction, sustainable buildings and a better environment.

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