The growing of 1,000 B-trees

Last year, we chose to make our planet greener for Christmas. Instead of sending out a greeting card, we planted our own trees with a real-life, full-scale B-forest of one thousand trees as a result. Everyone who visited could plant one tree at no charge. That way, we managed to collect 1,000 planted trees and make the world a little better for the future.

For this project, we chose to work with Go Forest — a young, Belgian company with a warm heart for our planet that has chosen to help save nature by planting trees. They operate in different parts of the world, always in collaboration with local organisations.

While saving nature is equally important in any part of the world, the Go Forest reforestation project in Armenia particularly caught our attention. The personal approach that also applies here persuaded us to invest in 1,000 trees at this planting site.

Once a country covered in green, Armenia’s forest coverage has diminished over the centuries. Barely 11% of the country is still forested today. 80% of it is threatened by desertification or is already desertic to some extent. By supporting this project, we wanted to draw attention to parts of the world that may be lesser-known victims of climate change, but just for that reason make it extra clear that nature is in danger all over the world and that taking action is needed.

Meanwhile, 1 year later, the trees are being carefully monitored as they grow. We can now follow project updates of our planting campaign by one simple button click. Through this link you can find a certificate, more info on the area and photos of the site growing greener and greener. On to even more sustainable impact!