We did it. B biked and raised 15,215 euros for Kom op tegen Kanker

At B, we have since long maintained a strong tradition of athletic team activities for charity. Last week, this year’s time had come: during the Ascension weekend, we participated in the 1,000 km for Kom op tegen Kanker with two teams of eight B-cyclists.

To be able to start, we needed to raise at least 11,000 euros. To reach that goal, we called on your support. With a total amount of no less than 15,215 euros, we not only exceeded the necessary milestone to be able to participate, we also raised a fantastic sum that will go entirely to Kom op tegen Kanker and give a boost to scientific cancer research.

Our bodies are trained, our goal is achieved, and all of that thanks to your support. Thanks to you all!

See you next year,

The B-athletes