Design for Beursschouwburg part of exhibition around architectural competitions

The Flanders Architecture Institute, Team Flemish Government Architect and Ghent University are opening two new exhibitions in De Singel on Friday, 26 November: Coming of Age, Architectural Competitions in Flanders and Brussels and Open Call, 20 Years of Public Architecture. Together with old and new faces, they take a retrospective look at the rich history of competition culture and at the same time cast an eye on the future.

The exhibition Coming of Age presents an overview of the most sensational architectural competitions in Flanders and Brussels in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s by means of 10 cases, of which our design for the Beursschouwburg is one.

Through original documents and objects, you’ll discover the story behind this and nine other striking architectural competitions. The material still appeals to the imagination today and illustrates the richness of ideas that a competition can spark, even when they are not implemented.

Putting the project proposals in the spotlight once again highlights afresh both the ambition of the questions asked, and the ingenuity and drive of the designers in every competition. Together these offer an insight into a burgeoning architectural culture.

Coming of Age. Architectural Competitions in Flanders and Brussels and Open Call. 20 Years of Public Architecture

27.11.2021 - 17.04.2022

De Singel, Antwerp

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Learn more about our design for the Beursschouwburg here.