Three B-projects on view during BBMA

From 18 to 23 April, the 5th edition of the Brussels Biennale of Modern Architecture (BBMA) is taking place. This year's edition focuses on the post-war heritage in our capital and in particular on the legacy of Willy Van Der Meeren, on the occasion of his centenary. Three of our B-projects are included in the programme.

De Ligne police station

Friday 21 April

Marcel Lambrichs, Olivier Strebelle, Pol Bury
Renovation B-architecten – OSAR

This triangular former bank building was designed in the 1970s by Marcel Lambrichs in a sophisticated functionalist style. The interior design is entirely custom-made based on a hexagonal design where all elements intertwine into a giant puzzle: floors, ceiling, furniture, auditorium. In 1985, Olivier Strebelle created a monumental sculpture ‘Les artifices d’acier’ in the patio of the building. The building will be the new Police Tower and will be renovated by B-architecten and OSAR with respect for its original architecture.

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House Weyers

Sunday 23 April

Willy Van Der Meeren
Restoration: B-bis architecten

This modernist house by Willy Van Der Meeren and Léon Palm was commissioned by the Weyers family. He was a photographer and had seven children. The studio was on the ground floor of the property and the basement contained a dark room. The house hangs on a supporting structure in concrete, making interior walls unnecessary. It is what you may call a ‘see-through’ house. This beautiful house was respectfully restored by B-bis architecten.

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House Caulier

Saturday 22 April

Paul Caulier
Restoration: B-bis architecten

This sixties duplex penthouse still has an original living area and kitchen. The architect lived and worked here for years. His office was on the ground floor, while he lived in the penthouse. The bedrooms and bathrooms have also been renovated by B-bis architecten, with the integration of vintage accents. It is an exceptional example of brutalist residential architecture with a view on the Elisabethpark.

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