Thursday 8 Sept - Exhibition opening 'Manifestatie Bouw Anders'

For decades, Groningen has been organising architecture manifestations in which design research and practice are brought together. ‘Manifestatie Bouw Anders’ (Manifestation Build Differently) started last September and revolves around diversity in housing, exercises in new housing typologies and sustainable, nature-inclusive and affordable living - in short: building differently.

Like 17 other design teams, B-architecten was commissioned to translate the high ambitions of this manifesto into a design study that examines how we should and want to live in the near future. The locations studied are spread throughout the municipality of Groningen; B-architecten examined a building plot from the Suikerzijde master plan.

We propose 'CASCOOP' as an alternative development strategy for affordable and qualitative housing on Suikerzijde, where we wish to realise the many ambitions in an affordable design by rethinking the ownership structure in relation to the casco building. In other words: how can different building layers with their own lifespan be linked to different ownership structures based on leasehold and cooperative models? And how does this alternative design strategy contribute to building differently?

On Thursday, 8 September, the eponymous exhibition 'Bouw Anders' (Build Differently) opened, bringing together the plans of all the design teams and providing a new perspective on living at various locations in and around Groningen.

Featuring the work of: | B-architecten | Codex architectuurstudio | DAAD Architecten | De Zwarte Hond | Korth Tielens Architecten | KPB Architecten | KRFT | Koen van Velsen Architecten | MINT Architecten | MIX Architectuur | MORE Architecture | MUST | de architecten van Team 4 | VDP Architecten | Vector-i | ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] | Bureau Meerstad | Wim Pater | KUUB | Vastgoed Groningen | Patrimonium | gemeente Groningen | Nijestee | Trebbe | De Groot Planontwikkeling | Alfa College | Lefier | De Jonge Vastgoed | MWPO |


8 - 30 Sept @ Gemeentekantoor Zuiderdiep, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 98, Groningen (NL)

The exhibition can also be visited during the Let's Gro city festival on 4, 5 and 6 November.

This project was organised by the Municipality of Groningen, in collaboration with GRAS.

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