Erasmus Campus Kanal


The new campus of the Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts is located only a few steps away from the Dansaertstraat.


Brick Awards, nomination - 2021


1st prize


completed - 2020




9.000 m²


Erasmushogeschool Brussel


Evert Crols, Frederik De Smedt, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Hubert Hendrickx, Nuria Júdez Gonzalo, Hans-Christian Karlberg, Olmo Peeters, Daniel Rivera Pinal, Liesbeth Storkebaum, Domien Wuyts

In collaboration with

bevk perović arhitekti


The new campus hosts more than 1000 students. The 2 auditoriums, 40 subject classrooms, the teachers’ rooms, a study landscape, a library, a cafeteria and several sitting corners and terraces are now located in a trendy and lively city district.

The building is a prominent and transparent construction with a heavy-set finishing touch. On the ground floor, the openness is transposed by a sunken and covered recreation ground. This big interior space is connected to the square in front of the building. Most public areas such as the students’ cafeteria, the library, the students’ administration office and several meeting areas border the recreation ground. The building opens up towards the square and the entire neighbourhood thanks to a full glass façade.

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