We won, times two. B-architecten wins two awards in two weeks.

Two weeks, two awards. The last few days have been full of good news. We won no less than two prizes for projects we can rightly be proud of: Qville was awarded the RES Award, Roeselare town hall took home the Belgian Construction Award.

Roeselare town hall - Belgian Construction Award

The town hall of Roeselare received the Belgian Construction Award in the category 'circular building' - a recognition of the efforts made by design team B-architecten, Bressers and Arcadis together with the City of Roeselare in terms of recycling and reuse of building and other materials and energy.

The renovation of the town hall - recognised as UNESCO world heritage - is a daring example of circularity. Not only the demolition waste of the old building is given a new life, all kinds of other materials are being reused as well: from furniture to lighting and even radiators.

Moreover, the town hall of Roeselare is striving for the BREEAM label 'Excellent' - a sustainability label for buildings with a minimal ecological impact. The site will be connected to a heat network - allowing heating and cooling without fossil fuels - and insulated to the highest possible standards. Thanks partly to these plans, the energy costs for water, gas and electricity will fall by some 70 per cent.

Learn more about the Roeselare town hall project here.

Client: City of Roeselare
Study bureau: Arcadis
Architects: B-architecten and Bressers Erfgoed
Landscape architect: Arne Deruyter
Demolition contractor: Stadsbader

Qville - RES Award

Our co-housing project Qville was awarded the RES Award in the category 'residential development', which recognises projects that focus on sustainability, diversity and innovation.

Cohousing is often described as the living form of the future, and that is exactly what Qville is aiming for. Together with our partners in crime HEEM, we transformed the old quarantine stables in Essen, a protected monument, into a vibrant cohousing project with 44 BEN-homes. The cohousing philosophy is further underlined by a communal swimming pond, an indoor pool with spa, a community centre, a shared garden with park, coworking spaces and electric cars for shared use.

"Sustainability, diversity and innovation are the three core values of the RES Awards. It is no coincidence that all three of these are reflected in this cohousing project. Qville combines the luxury of the home’s privacy with social involvement. Next to that, cohousing responds to the challenges of limited space in today’s cities", according to the jury of the RES Awards.

Learn more about Qville here.

Client: HEEM