Collective housing

The former Quarantine stables, a listed monument in a natural and farmland area in Essen, were transformed into an ecological co-housing project. The original volumes of this historical site were restored, disappeared buildings rebuilt.


Belgian Building Award - shortlisted in the category 'herbestemming' - 2022

RES Award, category 'residential development' - 2021


completed - 2020


Essen, Belgium


6.640 m²




Christophe Combes, Evert Crols, Mira De Winne, Dirk Engelen, Jenne Gits, Sven Grooten, Inês Lourenço, Steven Stessens, Sietse Van Doorslaer, Brecht Van Duppen


The 1,7 ha domain counts 44 near zero energy housings such as 1 to 4 bedroom dwellings and intergenerational homes. The common areas hold an indoor swimming pool and a wellness area, a community center with flex job working areas and a roofed terrace with a swimming pond.

The inhabitants have access to car sharing locations and solar energy charging stations. Several common bicycle sheds underline the traffic-free nature of this site. The commercial part at the front side of the site boasts a pub and B&B’s for tourists. At the entrance, there is an exposition area with information and more explanatory historical details about the site.

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