Residential care centre and monastery Bassevelde

Collective housing

New construction of a convent for 16 nuns and new construction of six residential wards for 90 nursing home residents, with the integration of a day care centre and connection to serviced flats.


completed - 2011 (monastery), 2019 (residential care centre)




9.768 m²


VZW WZC Sint-Bernardus + Zusters Bernardinnen



Lieven Latruwe, Hans Van Bever, Lode Verbanck

A new masterplan was drawn up in response to the downsizing of the convent community on the Sint-Bernadus site in the centre of Bassevelde and the renovation plans of the St-Bernardus residential care centre. Within this framework, a new convent was designed for the nuns and an extension of the residential care centre was realised.

The new monastery is a circular building with a square garden, framed by a traditional walkway. The monastery is a low energy building with a public chapel. The renovated residential care centre provides accommodation for 90 elderly residents, including two residential groups of eight people with dementia. Each group is housed in an apartment that provides independent living, within reach of the necessary care and support.

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