Collective housing

A living together in the city co-housing project.


building permit




7.200 m²




Yann Chashanovski, Stéphanie Collier, Evert Crols, Emilie Dorekens, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, An-Sofie Michielsen, Deborah Mortelmans, Adam Olekšák, Enrico Onofri, Arthur Stolk, Lisse Vanbrabant, Jonas Van den Bulcke

In collaboration with

Bart & Pieter garden architects

In the Kerkstraat in Borgerhout, HEEM saw the opportunity to convert the former monastery into cohousing. Various houses for both small and large families are grouped around the quiet, green monastery garden.

In addition, a new urban forest is created along which various BEN row houses and studios for independent assisted living are built, as well as a coffee bar and a gatehouse that offers space for co-working. In the gatehouse, residents can also use a shared kitchen with a living room, a swimming pool and a sauna.

The inner area continues to the Helmstraat, where Moeders voor Moeders gets an expansion of their existing volume with a number of apartments added on top. Two underground construction layers for parking are provided under the central city forest. This creates an urban renewal project that is tailored to the neighbourhood and focused on premium green space, high-quality living and harmonious coexistence.

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