Luca II

Collective housing

The immediate surroundings of the living estate LUCA II is very diverse: a charming garden neighbourhood, typical closed housing blocks, the open urban planning dating back to a modernist past, but also the large scaled industrial boxes across the Noorderlaan.


1st prize


under construction




19.665 m²


Woonhaven Antwerpen


Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Nuria Júdez Gonzalo, Louise Lauwers, Daniel Rivera Pinal, Liesbeth Storkebaum, Pauline Van De Velden, Kristiaan Van Weert, Domien Wuyts

In collaboration with

bevk perović arhitekti

Hence the housing estate LUCA II must also be a hybrid reflection of its surroundings: a blend of closed housing blocks, a modern park-like area and the hint of a garden village. The common inner garden is surrounded by a single repetitive wall reminiscent of the utilitarian infrastructure of the Antwerp port. It is a “chain” of diverse housing typologies around a public park.

The existing building of Café Luchtbal is not branded as an obstacle but rather as the corner stone of the whole estate. The brick frames of the new, seemingly heterogeneous buildings allow for diversity and flexibility in the plans and interiors in which the individual inhabitants play their parts in society.
Yet the entire complex always safeguards its homogeneous aura.

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