Office building Familiezorg Oost-Vlaanderen

Offices , Collective housing

An office building with seven apartments.


completed - 2022




4.527 m²


VZW Villa Haletra


Irene Aldea, Yannick America, Gitte Janssens, Lieven Latruwe, Lode Verbanck, Laurence Verstuyft

This office building is part of the Voortman urban development project on the Blaisantvest in Ghent and was conceived as a mix of housing and offices.

We designed a U-shaped building. The ‘short legs’ of the ‘U’ house residential functions, supplemented by a bicycle shed and an ironing shop on the ground floor. The top floor accommodates three penthouses with spacious terraces that offer a magnificent view of the city. Flexibility and sustainability are the key concepts of the design: the office can effortlessly adapt to new functions or users.

The different levels function independently of each other. Each floor has a central core with common functions where employees meet, such as a coffee corner, a print room and small and large meeting rooms. Around the central core, individual offices and open workplaces alternate.

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