Met Zicht

Collective housing

Met Zicht is developed in 2 stages on 2 characteristic locations for this neighbourhood.


1 st prize


under construction




6.885 m²


Oostendse Haard


Evert Crols, Mira De Winne, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Cristina Magro Baroni, An-Sofie Michielsen, Larissa Van Aalst, An Vanderhoydonck, Kim Vanthienen, Kristiaan Van Weert

In collaboration with

bevk perović arhitekti

One site is located at the border of the Spuikom and the other is directed towards the public squares in the heart of the neighbourhood. This new building project will not only invite local people to move in, but it will also play a pivotal part in the gradual development of the entire Vuurtorenwijk.

Taking into account the restrictive parameters of subsidized housing (smaller budget and surface), Met Zicht wants to introduce the concept of a user friendly and active semi-public area. A semi-public area that blends together the intimacy of the modest living unit and the public aspect of the entire neighbourhood.

A semi-public area that will bring “new life” into this quarter. The entrance passageways are conceived following the principle of “bigger and cheaper”. They are broader than usual, thus becoming extensions of the living units, and could possibly be used for new activities or as meeting places. The modest approach of Met Zicht hides its higher ambition: to improve the lives of the inhabitants and make it more pleasant.

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