Front of House

Public buildings

Thanks to the project “Front of House” the Muntschouwburg (La Monnaie) has strengthened its bond with its immediate surroundings: the National Opera has become an open house.


completed - 2008






350 m²


Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Lorenzo Stroobant, Geert Verbruggen

The entrance hall and the two adjoining spaces are redecorated. Flexible flight cases are used to create benches, ticket desks and listening areas. They create a certain backstage atmosphere. The existing shop has been extended and has a broader offer. The former booking office has been turned into a café with a central bar. The dominant element of the hall, the hexagonal mosaic by Soll Lewitt, reappears in the oak parquet’s motives and the aluminium walls of the new shop and café.
In a later stage the Muntschouwburg will be entirely surrounded by public spaces.

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