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The Antwerp fashion museum (MoMu) is part of the Modenatie building, a true landmark of this city’s architecture for decades. The renovation and development of this precious site will concentrate on the renewal and reorganisation of the public ground floor.

The aim is to keep the museum open all year long. Hence the plan to create two permanent exposition spaces.
The entrance area will be in line with the entrance of the bookshop Copyright showing a new view in the Nationalestraat. Situated in this way it will create a direct interaction between the front door and the Nationalestraat.

The logo of MoMu will form a ceiling of light above the entrance zone, leading the visitors into the atrium with its new reception desk. A sloping green roof will have the renewed patio stand out next to the atrium, that will be conceived as a garden room.
A new multi-purpose area will appear next to bookshop Copyright along the Nationalestraat. This area will function as an extension of the buoyant Nationalestraat. It can be used as a shop window or as a teaser for expositions and functions inside the building.

In the Depotgebouw along the Drukkerijstraat there will be a two storey high space housing an auditorium. Cloak-rooms and toilets will be rearranged at -1, with a new gender neutral area and new lockers. The educational centre moves to the first floor along the Drukkerijstraat.

The area for the temporary exposition on the second floor will be completely renovated. Climate control will be first on the list of the requirements to guarantee a safe environment for all artefacts. For this very same reason the warehouse and quarantine areas will meet the most recent technical standards.

The offices of the MoMu will be conceived as open work places. The library will be enlarged and renovated. The refectory, accessible for all users of the building (MoMu, Academy and Flanders Fashion Institute), will be completely overhauled.
On top of this all, a new space for workshops will be installed on the roof of the Depotgebouw along the Drukkerijkstraat.

public building

competition 1st prize
status under construction
location Antwerp
surface 9.900 m²
client AG VESPA
team Christophe Combes, Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Inez Goessens, Sven Grooten, Nathan Heindrichs, Inês Lourenço, Johannes Müntinga, Clément Puech, Larissa van Aalst, Kim Vanthienen