Bond Moyson


By relocating the head office from its current site in Zwijnaarde to the Vrijdagsmarkt, Bond Moyson is returning to its historical heritage in the centre of Ghent. To make this move possible, a renovation and expansion of the site is needed.




draft design approved




7.661 m²



In collaboration with

Bressers Erfgoed


The project is located between the Vrijdagsmarkt and the Leie river in the centre of Ghent, which translates into certain requirements in terms of programme, optimal internal and external operation and the need for a certain surface area for the accommodation.

After a first thorough feasibility study on the historical, urban planning and architectural level, certain conclusions and decisions could already be made in the first sub-process.

Thus, the project consists of four main elements: the preservation of the historically valuable buildings and elements, the demolition of the 1990 building in the Waaistraat, the revaluation of the buildings with heritage value and, finally, the optimisation with new construction volumes.

Together, these various volumes will form the new mutualist headquarters of the 21st century, with each building retaining its own individuality, facing both the surroundings and its own inner area.

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