Ravelingen 3.0

Next to the train station of Knokke Heist a new party hall will be planted on the outstretched parcel.

The new building will stand between the railway track, the event site and the park landscape. A playful volume is possible by taking the arc shaped parcel as a guide line and by assigning several functions to the straight hall volume.

A green roof will cover the whole. The shape of the roof will respond to the current look of the adjacent buildings with their hipped and saddleback roofs. The flat roof above the hall is sunken taking the technical installations and ventilation grids on top of it out of sight.

The façades are different in height and are scaled to the buildings immediately surrounding it. The outstretched façades will be refined by layers in concrete texture and strategically chosen openings.

The two storey high entrance develops itself generously towards the mezzanine and the rehearsal rooms on the first floor, as well as to the outer terrace bordering the railway track. We aim for a large party hall that can be divided into two parts of 303 m2. A walkway over the entire length of the hall, a colonnade and views from the mezzanine and the outside will render the party experience all the more enjoyable.

public building

competition 1st prize
status in design
location Knokke - Heist
surface 2.670 m²
client AGSO Knokke-Heist
team Kristina Buzaityte, Christophe Combes, Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Brecht Van Duppen, Toon Van Mieghem, Kim Vanthienen
in collaboration with Stadsbader nv, EEG nv