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De Ideale Woning - Hoevenen

The linked apartments are situated around a common inner entrance area that divides the entire building into two parts.

The outer staircases are the entrances to the apartments and the individual terraces all have a view to this inner area. Because of the strategic planning of this entrance area all apartments have 3 outer walls.
The new houses with a carport on the ground floor and an apartment on the first floor have a private garden and match nicely with the existing houses in the neighbourhood.

collective housing

competition 1st prize
status completed - 2012
location Stabroek
surface 2.599 m²
client De Ideale Woning
team Evert Crols, Erik Dewulf, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Edward Marchand
© Thomas De Bruyne/ Cafeine.be
© Thomas De Bruyne/ Cafeine.be
© Thomas De Bruyne/ Cafeine.be