Turnova - Theater 1900


Theater 1900 is the former theatre hall of the Turnhout theatre circle Amicitia. After a long period of vacancy, the listed monument was given a new life as a retail space within the urban renewal project Turnova.


completed - 2020




1.400 m²


Heeren Group


Christophe Combes, Evert Crols, Ana Cuéllar, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Toon Van Mieghem, Kim Vanthienen

In collaboration with

Architectenbureau Vanhecke & Suls


The demolition of the disturbing foyer volume created a small square at the front of the building. The square forms a connection between the Bloemekensgang and the Kursaalpoort. This reinforces Turnova as an easily fordable shopping-walking zone.

The ruinous rear scene was replaced by a new building, linking the theatre with the passage on the east side. Two new stairwells provide extra flexibility: the theatre hall is currently set up as a shop, but can serve as a party room or restaurant in the future. The new rear scene is adaptable into a covered terrace.

The new additions were constructed in the same red brick as the monument. The staircase at the front is hidden behind a filigree screen of masonry in claustra bond. The joinery and cast iron trusses of the monument were given their original colours back.

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