B-architecten wins architecture competition De Ligne police station and confirms its position in Brussels with a new office location

B-architecten wins architecture competition De Ligne police station and confirms its position in Brussels with a new office location.

De Ligne police station, a model of sustainability

We are proud to announce that B-architecten and Osar architects have been commissioned by the city of Brussels to design the De Ligne police station.

The De Ligne police building appears small to the eye, but is large in size. Its new design takes advantage of this, by retaining the structure – also a sustainable choice that avoids demolition waste. The puzzle that architect Marcel Lambrichts so thoughtfully laid out in the past thus becomes a starting point for an energy-neutral reinterpretation that prepares the building for the future.

The basement will be redesigned as a car park and a launch point for officers on call to interventions. A slope bridges three levels of the building, separating various entrances and user flows. A new upper floor, referred to as the ‘crown’, will be added to serve the general management and the dispatch centre, with the roofs becoming gardens or spaces for renewable energy.

The project includes a new façade for the building, bringing its visual identity up to date, and connecting old and new, high and low Brussels. This performative façade is adorned at the top with lush greenery helping to combat inner city heat stress and providing a welcome addition to biodiversity. The public entrance will be linked to the historic city centre, accessible and distinct, opening onto a core with lifts and stairs via another urban yet secure and human-scaled entrance.

B sets foot in Brussels

The above is merely a confirmation of the position that B-architecten already acquired in Brussels in the past. With the renovation of the Beursschouwburg as its very first project, B-architecten put itself on the map as a design studio more than 22 years ago. Many projects followed, including completed and ongoing projects such as Centr'Al, City Dox, OCMW Brussels, BSBbis, Station of Laken, Erasmus University College, Muntpunt, L28, Zennetuin, Mortierbrigade and many more.

That is why we decided to open a new base in our capital, as an addition to our existing offices in Antwerp. From the Brussels Dansaert district in the bustling heart of the city, B will continue to work on a sustainable future that above all shines bright.

Join us!

To staff our new premises and work on the Ixelles police station and a range of other challenging, large-scaled projects in Brussels, we are on the lookout for new colleagues to join our team. Parlez français ? Great! We do not shy away from a dash of French on and off the work floor. What started out as a Flemish agency has long since grown into a diverse studio with international colleagues who use Dutch, English and French as a working language.

Check out our latest job offers. There is something for everyone: whether you are looking to design, coordinate, draw, a combination of all three or more, we want you to explore your own talents. ⁠

Wanna become a new member of the B-tribe? We would love to meet you. Send your application to jobs@b-architecten.be and we might soon be joining forces for the design of a bright future.

Learn more about the new De Ligne police station here.